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Evaluating the Best Interests of the Child


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Dr Grace Graham

Dr. Grace Graham, an experienced clinical psychologist, draws on experience in diagnosing and treating clients of all ages. Dedicated to supporting the well-being of children, Dr. Grace Graham serves as a consultant to determine the best interest of a child in contested divorce cases.

Courts across the United States use the best interests of the child as a guiding principle for determining custody arrangements. The phrase “best interests” itself has no universal definition or contributing factors, though courts typically take it to mean that situation which will place the child in the safest and most nurturing home situation.

In determining the best interests of the child, courts tend to favor those situations that will ensure the child receives sufficient clothing, shelter, food, and medical care. Courts also consider socio-emotional and psychological factors, such as the strength of the relationship that each parent has with the child. The mental health of each parent and that of the child also play significant roles, as does any potential history of domestic violence on the part of either potential custody recipient.