Month: March 2013

The Good Work of Texas Loves Children

By Dr. Grace Graham, Psychologist

To improve the lives of abused and neglected children, the non-profit organization Texas Loves Children (TLC) strives to better the legal representation they receive throughout the state and the rest of the nation. To accomplish this, TLC has developed a number of programs, including training programs to educate legal professionals about issues relating to child abuse, a national expansion platform that brings the organization’s model to other states, a website to provide the public with information about abuse, and Improving Outcomes, an initiative providing judges, lawyers, and other legal professionals with a network to inform them of best practices and other information.

TLC is always in need of volunteers and donations. To find out how you can provide support, visit

About Grace Graham: As a psychologist with an extensive background at providing trial support, Dr. Grace Graham is an active participant in Texas Loves Children.